This Fox of Mine: An Entertaining Look into Life at Fox Hollow

by K. L. Waggoner

About the Book

K. L. Waggoner has been raising, training, and breeding pet foxes for more than twenty years. This Fox of Mine: An Entertaining Look into Life at Fox Hollow tells her remarkable true story.

The book begins with her most ornery fox, Rascal, and describes his pranks and the things she learned while trying to outfox her fox.

She got her first pet fox in 1992, and had to learn everything about raising and training it. The book continues through the lives of ten foxes she has had as pets and each one’s personality.

“They have all amazed me with their ability to adapt and learn, as well as teach me to connect with them on their level. The fox is a very playful animal that requires special consideration if you want to have one as a pet,” she says. This Fox of Mine shows what a truly unique and special animal a fox is. “The book finishes with the death of one of my older foxes and how it affects the others, then finalizes with my thoughts about having a fox as a pet.” View the Press Release

About the Author

K.L. lives on a farm in Whipple, Ohio. She worked for a veterinarian for nine years. “I have had many people call me with questions about the animals. I believe this book will show a unique human/animal bond that will illustrate the trials and rewards of loving and living with these special animals.”

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