Chapter Closed by K. J. Keller

About the Book

Dr. Elizabeth Beck, a world renowned psychologist and author of many best-selling books, including Rapist Rules, is blackmailed by a former acquaintance to be the maid of honor at a wedding in Snow Cap Ridge, Colorado. On the night before the ceremony, Elizabeth becomes the intended rape victim of local ski instructor John Garrett. When Garrett is discovered stabbed to death, Elizabeth is charged with his murder. Since Elizabeth was found unconscious at the scene of the crime and doesn’t remember anything past the rape attempt, her fate is in the hands of a skeptical jury.

Throughout the investigation and trial, people from Elizabeth’s past play major roles in the twisted road to resolution. As her lawyers battle to prove her innocence, Elizabeth is thrown a curve when a romance that had lain dormant for sixteen years is awakened. Follow the secrets and buried truths to the surprising conclusion in Chapter Closed.

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About the Author

K. J. Keller was born in Colorado, but spent most of her youth in Arizona. Since 1999, she resides with her partner in his native country, The Netherlands, where she teaches high school International Baccalaureate English Diploma Programs in The Hague.

Her first novel, The Butterfly Clinic, (ISBN: 978-0-595-45441-9) is available at all major book outlets, online book stores, or via author’s website:

Ms. Keller is currently working on her third novel, Heavenly Scrapbook, and a unique cookbook featuring recipes and travel stories from her adventures in Europe and Africa.