Sambolt by Joshua Rios

978-1-62212-617-0-JRiosCoverAbout the Book

Sambolt is not only a classic story to be read and enjoyed, but a tribute to the wildlife and the “gentler” animals that must survive day in and day out in a vicious world.

Sambolt is a special rabbit whose birth was not an ordinary one, nor is the life he leads or the place he calls home. In the wilderness of Sonochi, life and love are all that matters. Perhaps even more so, when death is so frequent and near. When Sambolt is chased far away from his home and tribe by hungry predators, he finds himself in a strange and unfamiliar place. He is found by another rabbit named Siindy, who becomes his beloved. While Sambolt lives with Siindy and her tribe in the forest, his family on the hill believe him dead.

Meanwhile, unrest comes upon Sonochi, sending Sambolt home to save his tribe from destruction. He returns just in time to save his family, and also leads Siindy’s tribe to the fabled land of their dreams. But what will happen when the hunters come? This ecological tale shatters all conceptions of what it means to survive in a world filled with stark dangers.

About the Author

Joshua RiosJoshua Rios was born in Hanford, California. As an only child, he sought imaginative ways to keep himself entertained. When he became older, he geared his imagination into writing, art, and music. His first novel expresses his love for nature and animals in the wild. He also contributes his faith in God into the story.