Novels By Joseph S. Dale

The Last Warship

In The Last Warship, a doomsday comet strikes earth. A British nuclear destroyer, the HMS Thor, finds itself marooned at sea. Its voyage to discover a safe harbor takes the ship around the world.

After a doomed mutiny attempt, the ship makes its way through the Suez Canal to the Indian Ocean. Following a near disaster with the ship’s nuclear reactor, landfall is made at Hobart, Tasmania. However, Hobart will soon be exposed to the deadly radiation spreading from Australia.

Hobart’s population is all but decimated except for murderous gangs and small groups of terrified people. Then the Thor’s crew picks up a radio broadcast from New Zealand announcing that naval frigates are heading their way. The sailors all decide there may still be other people in Hobart who wish to escape, so they return. After a harrowing escape, survivors are rescued and brought to New Zealand.

But safety still means a nuclear winter, so Auckland goes underground, using Thor’s reactor to keep warm. In this harrowing story of survival, nothing is truer than the old axiom, where there’s life, there’s hope.

Azathoth Rising

Dale_Cover_WebAbdul Al-Hazred had almost finished. Just the final sentence, and his lineage. “Amen!,” his pen swept out the wide, detailed Arabic characters, “I have completed it! Naught more can I do! The future is in thy hands, thou who shall read this writing!”

And that was as far as he got!

Thunder crashed across the sky!

But it was as nothing to the roar of triumph that resounded and echoed inside his head! Sheer terror struck his heart. “Oh, my god and goddess!” he screamed, “Save me from the powers of the Old Ones, and the horrors of beyond!”

But the voice roared with laughter, “THY GOD AND GODDESS WILL NOT HELP THEE NOW!” it bellowed, “I, AZATHOTH, THE CRAWLING CHAOS, HAVE WON! BE AWARE, MORTAL, AND DESPAIR! THE SPELLS AND CHANTS THAT THOU HAST SO CAREFULLY WRIT, FAR FROM BINDING, WILL RELEASE! THE OLD GODS WILL BE FREED! THOU HAST DOOMED THE WHOLE OF THY PITIFUL HUMAN RACE TO DESTRUCTION!” With a scream of despair, the Arab reached out to the pile of manuscript in a desperate attempt to destroy that which he had written. But it was far too late. Al-Hazred’s heart failed him, and he collapsed to the earth floor.Thus was The Necronomicon, the most evil book in creation, completed, with the death of its author.It was due to destroy other lives in its existence …

About the Author

Joseph S. Dale was once a sailor in the Royal New Zealand Navy. A long-time sci-fi fan, he lives in Auckland, New Zealand.