Requiem of Assassins I: Assassination of the Raven

by Jesse C. Pacheco

978-1-62212-005-5-JPachecoCoverAbout the Book

In a Strange World, This Saga Pits Two Groups Against Each Other

For years, society has been watched over by two organizations: the Ravens and the Templars. Both have influenced world events, and both have saved the planet from destruction. Yet each group has been trying to eliminate the other for years. To them it is a game of “Risk.”

A child named Jack is born along with thousands of others at a military camp where they are trained from an early age in combat and warfare. When the camp burns down, only four of the children survive and they go their separate ways. Jack is picked up by the Ravens and is trained in their way of killing. Years later he starts to hear an eerie voice that tells him the Ravens have been lying to him and he should betray them.

Now Jack is left with a daunting decision. Should he stay with the Ravens and continue fighting the Templars? Some secrets pop up from his past, ones he never knew about, and these influence his choice. Like a video game, this saga evolves into many twists and turns. Watch out for the sequel!

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About the Author

Jesse C. PachecoA California native, Jesse C. Pacheco has already started on the sequel. “My inspirations come from movies, video games, and comic books. Nowadays video games are more interactive stories than ‘games.’ They have taught me a lot about a vast majority of topics and led me into researching mythology, martial arts, history, weaponry, folklore, conspiracies, and many more. Then I would try to incorporate what I have researched into my stories to give them different layers, and things for the readers to learn.”