The Roly-Poly Princess by Jennifer Lehnertz

About the Book

Author Jennifer Lehnertz says, “My first year as a preschool teacher I had a young class of 3-year-old children. They discovered roly-polies in some leaf litter we were exploring. They were very interested. I found no fiction books on roly-polies. When I was researching information on roly-polies, I came across an article that stated, ‘Roly-Polies are as important (to the environment) as the mighty elephant.’ That statement became an integral part of The Roly-Poly Princess.”

Even the smallest creature can play a huge part in the world! In the informative new children’s book The Roly-Poly Princess, a little boy named Luke discovers a roly-poly during a walk in the local park. He can’t begin to imagine how important this small creature is. Suddenly, The Roly-Poly Princess appears and takes Luke on a wondrous journey.

Soar with Luke on his adventure as he gains a new understanding of how important even the smallest among us can be. You will also learn what The Roly-Poly Princess reveals to Luke during their journey.

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About the Author

Jennifer Lehnertz grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and currently lives in Manassas, Virginia. She is the director of a child development center, a professional storyteller, a board member and two-term past president for the Prince William Association for the Education of Young Children, a board member of Smart Beginnings Greater Prince William, and a mentor for the VSQI (Virginia Star Quality Initiative.) She is working on her next book about cicadas.