The Peach Tree Kids by Jennie Chadwick

About the Books

Jaws of Dragons

Imagination can take you anywhere! Join along in this fun children’s book series, where life is always an adventure for the six friends known as The Peach Tree Kids.

In this story, the group watches some big trucks unload giant metal grape bins into a vineyard. It’s time for harvesting in Central California, but before any fruit picking can begin, the kids spend their day playing and building forts inside the bins that they call the Jaws of Dragons. Ripley, Livy, Tray, Travis, Ned, and Bug push the bins around and run between them, trying not to get pinched as they escape the “dragons’ jaws.” Everything looks very normal in the daylight, but what would the scene look like at night? Returning with their flashlights, The Peach Tree Kids suddenly come upon something mysterious and “lumpy” in the Jaws of Dragons.

Discoveries are made for sharing. Come along with the kids to see their eye-popping discovery for yourself. View the Press Release

Circus Fleas

What will The Peach Tree Kids do to make their school talent show a success? In the second book of the series, the delightful children’s story The Peach Tree Kids: Circus Fleas takes you to the school’s Big Top Circus, and its featured act has real fleas!

Ripley, Livy, Travis, Tray, Ned and Bug are all taking part in the circus. Bug makes a flea circus for the event, building an entertainment area inside a big white box and filling it with slides, hoops, swings and tightropes. Now all he needs are the fleas! He visits a lady down the street with a lot of animals, because there are sure to be plenty of fleas there.

On the day of the circus, the clowns perform first, followed by the magicians. When it’s time for Bug and his Flea Circus, the real show begins! The audience is just itching to see it! View the Press Release

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About the Author

Jennie Chadwick lives and writes in the Central Valley of California, the backdrop for The Peach Tree Kids. She is currently at work on the next book in the series.