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TruongCoverWebThe term “ladies first” is simply a verbal courtesy in Western culture. In reality, women receive unfair treatment in earning power and on nearly every level where it counts in society. The worst situations exist in Asian and African regions, including the Middle East.

This book recounts a humble Vietnamese woman’s life. Indeed, the common circumstance of a female’s lower position and gender discrimination is influenced by history, including the religious beliefs espoused by Confucius.

This woman’s family lived in central Vietnam, but had to flee their village because of the invading terrorist Vietcong. Her family had become dissidents in their own homeland.

Moving to Saigon, they worked hard to rebuild a new life, but everything was taken from them after the Vietcong won the war.

After living a year in a refugee camp, she ultimately resettled into a new life in Australia.

This brave woman lived, worked, and suffered through the county’s colonial French period, through the democratic government of South Vietnam, and later survived the ruthless regime of the Communist takeover.

Her dramatic true story blends the history, culture, and religious concerns that have affected millions of Vietnamese women, while also reflecting the panorama of the Vietnamese people.

About the Books

Good Evening, Vietnam

The dramatic and sweeping novel Good Evening, Vietnam tells the story of a great love, interrupted by war.

During his tour of duty in Vietnam, a young U.S. chopper co-pilot falls in love with a Vietnamese girl. After his chopper is shot down, he is taken prisoner by the Vietcong. Under a POW exchange in 1973, he returns to America, leaving behind his pregnant girlfriend.

When Vietcong take over Saigon, they imprison hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese who worked with the Americans, force others into the jungles, and denounce the children of U.S. soldiers. Most of these abandoned children were left homeless, some became gangsters, and others joined bandit gangs.

Many years later, the American pilot travels back to Vietnam, hoping to achieve some closure to the past. While there, he is robbed by a gang leader, who takes his wallet. Later, the gang leader looks inside, and finds a surprising photo. Good Evening, Vietnam is the stunning story of a reunion that almost never happened, and a love that endures time and seemingly insurmountable challenges.

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From Laborer to Author: The Flowers in Heaven Are Rooted in Hell

Survival in Vietnam after the war was hell on earth. Hoa Minh Truong was able to change his life because of the English he learned in a re-education camp after Saigon fell on April 30, 1975. Read his amazing true story in his heartfelt book From Laborer to Author: The Flowers in Heaven Are Rooted in Hell.

This is the biography of an astonishing – and stubborn – man. English was banned when the Vietcong launched its counter-revolution culture campaign by collecting English books and burning them. Learning English was dangerous and meant death or torture, but Hoa risked everything and promised to write his story if he survived. His mother wrapped his food supply in dictionary pages that appeared to look like newspapers. As he ate, he quietly learned English word by word.

In 1981, Hoa was released from the camp because of illness. A year later, he escaped to a Malaysia refugee camp, and then resettled in Australia. It took him 25 years, but Hoa wrote his first book, The Dark Journey, in 2010. He wrote Good Evening, Vietnam a year later, and now he has finally completed the book he promised himself he would write.

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TruongCoverWebNick Morrow: After a Half Century, a Missing Man Returns

A medical student vanishes on a beach in Western Australia while trying to rescue a drowning victim. Nick Morrow “falls,” landing on a strange planet. Luckily, he possesses a mysterious book left by a dead man, and has learned the skills that will help him gain the incredible strength needed to help him on his strange journey. Nick survives the ordeals by using the power gained after killing a holy snake.

Among the remarkable places he journeys is an underground city, where Nick defeats a gang, returns freedom to the people, and marries the leader’s daughter. He visits an odd garden where a 145-year-old man has the body of a teenager. Eventually Nick returns to Earth after a boat sinks in the ocean. A half century has passed, but during that time Nick’s body hasn’t aged, despite the years he’s been gone.

The story is action-packed but not violent, with the author proposing ideas about dignity, happiness, and how to keep your body strong while fighting against illness and ageing.

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About the Author

Hoa Minh Truong was born in a small village in Vietnam. He grew up and volunteered to join the South Vietnamese army in their fight against communists. “After Saigon was lost in 1975, I was imprisoned six years in nine hellish re-education camps, survived, and escaped by a small boat. I resettled to a new life in Western Australia in 1983, and have never returned to my homeland.”