A Deadly Blend of Souls by Gordon Lysen and Lisa Lysen

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David Morse awakens from the fog of the night before and begins his day late. He has no way of knowing that being late will save his life, but will cost others theirs. He finds the life he knows is gone forever, as an ugly connection to his past overtakes his present. A brother he didn’t know existed appears to cut a swathe of death and destruction through David’s world, even as an ugly episode from the past comes back to haunt David.

The engrossing novel A Deadly Blend of Souls was written by the husband and wife writing team of Lisa and Gordon Lysen. Lisa says they retired in 2006 and moved to a lakefront home on the shore of Lake Manitoba. Faced with being the only permanent residents who didn’t travel south for the winter, they began writing a book together.

“Gordon started by writing the first chapter. I read what he had written and imagined where it might go from there, adding a chapter of my own. He read mine, wrote another, and we kept on going, throwing twists and turns into the mix, each waiting to see what was going to happen next. Our only rules were to never discuss what we were planning or where we thought the tale was going, and to respect each other’s very different writing styles. What began as a game soon turned into a murder mystery, one we hope you will enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed writing.”

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About the Author

Gordon Lysen and Lisa LysenFirst-time authors Gordon Lysen and Lisa Lysen live in Winnipeg, Canada. He was formerly a policeman and she worked in jewelry sales.