The Absence of Light by Gerhard Conradie

About the Book

There is an invisible world all around us, filled with amazing (and sometimes monstrous) creatures. Most of them are very sensitive to light and live their whole lives in the dark.

No one can see them except for Frank Mason, a successful young artist living in the small town of Thorndale. Being a loner by nature, he has had to endure these horrific sights all alone his entire life, until the day he meets Amy Fisher (a no-nonsense firecracker with blue hair) at an art exhibition. As luck would have it, Amy can see them, too.

This happy meeting was cut short, however, when one of the Unseen monsters actually kills one of the art collectors, something that has never happened before. Before the night has ended, fifty-two people will have lost their lives to invisible assailants all over Thorndale, and it is up to Frank, Amy, and Tony (the only person who believes them) to put a stop to it. They will soon discover, however, that these things have a very specific goal in mind.

And the sun can’t protect them forever …

About the Author

Gerhard Conradie wrote this book as a kind of “occupational experiment” after finishing high school. He lives in South Africa.