The Children of God: There is Life After the Cult

by Faye Thomas, M.Div.

978-1-60860-528-6-FThomasCoverAbout the Book

Written from personal experience, this book will empower ex-cult members as they rebuild their lives. It also educates Christian believers toward a greater awareness of the signs of cult activity within a religious organization. Read how The Children of God could capture your children!

In August, 1977, Faye Thomas won a full scholarship to study abroad in Madrid, Spain. Anticipating the opportunity to soak up the culture and pursue her studies, she was unprepared for the two years of manipulation and mind control forced upon her and dozens of other women caught in the deceptive and destructive web of the religious cult The Children of God.

Cult members approach their victims by highlighting the supposed attributes of their organization, such as communal living, shared financial responsibilities, and the freedom to dedicate your life 100 percent to God by dropping out of school or society. They separate their victims from their friends, family, and money. This compelling book is a must read for parents and young people. There Is Life After the Cult!

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About the Author

Faye Thomas, M.Div.Faye Thomas received her BA in business management from National Louis University in McLean, Virginia, and a M.Div. in theology from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. She is the pastor of Church on the Hill and the president of the National Network of Christian Men & Women (NNCMW).