Rebellious Women by Farruh Yusupov

About the Book

Rebellious Women” is a book which based on true stories of many prostitutes. I’ve structured this book not just as documentary book, but as fiction, philosophical to capture all the interests of readers.

These book about young girls who are not contented with their fate but fought against the strong men, system of sexual industry and with their fears.

The “Rebellious Women” not only story of prostitutes but the struggle of spiritually strong women.

I think these book will help you, my dear reader, to change your thought and attitude to other man – prostitutes, slaves who also wanted to have a good life as everyone. but…

Because of God`s will I faced with problems seeking job throw several years. But during this period I’ve understand God learned me to find ways of the many problems of mankind. If pupil counts without calculator he gets the knowledge of counting. Therefore, I began to seek answers of any problem personally. The fruits of this seeking in man’s sexuality was several scientific works about sexual addiction and this book.

About the Author

Farruh Yusupov was born 8 June 1987. He has many abilities which took him force to make many projects. Farruh developed his own network services:, where he gives online consultation about business trainings, alternative ways of cure.

Farruh also publishes his journalistic articles on information agency of the Russian Federation

You can be aware of Farruhs’ show business career throw his portfolio websites