Once Upon a Time . . . A House: A Tale for Children and All Those Young at Heart by Dulce Rodrigues

978-1-60976-766-2-DRodriguesCoverAbout the Book

Once Upon a Time… a House received Honorable Mention at the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival. It is the English version of the children’s bestselling book Il Était une Fois une Maison, which was awarded a literary prize in France.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, lonely and forgotten by everybody, a House has one day the joy of seeing different guests come, one by one with the seasons, to build a new life: Mrs. Spider, Mr. and Mrs. Mouse, Mrs. Duck and her ducklings, the big gray and white Cat, the Ewe, even the Ants and the Bees… all of this little community shares the same place and lives peacefully together.

Until one day this agreeable quietude is disturbed by the arrival of Man and his faithful friend, the Dog! What lesson must Man learn in order to become less selfish and more respectful of nature? A bitter lesson!

About the Author

Dulce Rodrigues has authored six children’s books and a travelogue about Egypt. Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, she received a scholarship to study at the Goethe-Institut in Germany, and one for a scientific course with the Open University in the UK, and wound up living in many different countries around Europe. Now retired after a career that included working for NATO and as a translator for the U.S. Military, she currently lives in Belgium, where in addition to writing she enjoys traveling, gardening, and arts in general. Please visit her at www.dulcerodrigues.info or at www.barry4kids.net.