Books by Dorothy Harnish

Traveling the Road to Destiny

What path will Sarah’s life take when she must choose between two brothers?

Traveling the Road to Destiny takes young Sarah Everett from Seattle to Denver in this romantic story. With only a handful of coins in her pocket, Sarah is a wanderer who meets a handsome stranger named Taylor Caldwell. After she reluctantly accepts a ride from him, her life takes a turn she never expects. Taylor takes Sarah to his home, where she meets Taylor’s overbearing older brother, Bridge. Though she’s drawn to Bridge, she refuses to ask him for help.

Bridge accuses Sarah of being a fraud, but is then consumed with guilt when she goes missing. Is either brother in Sarah’s future? This touching story shows Sarah Traveling the Road to Destiny.

Forgiveness Comes

Harnish Cover WebThe only thing that matters to Amy Sanders is caring for Andrew Marlowe. When her life and well-being are increasingly at risk, she tells no one. Then Andrew’s son, Shay Marlowe, returns. He not only accuses Amy of embezzling, but he moves in and soon takes control of his father’s trucking company.

Set in Redding, California, Amy finds her once peaceful world turning upside down. When Andrew’s ex-wife returns and another unwelcomed and an uninvited guest shows up, what’s left of Amy’s world is shattered. Will Shay be able to deal with his mother, run his father’s business, and handle Amy fleeing town without a word to anyone?

What could possibly be in Amy’s past that keeps her from telling anyone? And what’s in the attic that will affect Shay’s life?

The Blue Eggs: A Shattered Heart

After losing the college scholarship she earned in high school, twenty-year-old Lori Kelley is determined to work hard and save every dime she can for college. She’s holding down three jobs, and has been doing without a lot of things, including a relationship with a man.

Lori doesn’t want anyone in her life except Hank, a man she looks up to as a father. Then Lori meets Garrett Malone and he starts to melt away her rough edges. She finds it difficult to fight her attraction to him, and their relationship slowly blossoms, until her older sister steps in.

With their relationship over, Lori discovers some of her savings is missing. Will she be able to go back to the life she planned for herself, or will obstacles keep popping up and stop her?

Find out in this captivating story of disappointments, heartache, and dreams, as they unfold for Lori and her unchained spirit that is determined to be triumphant.

Born and raised in Wyoming, Dorothy Hamish has traveled to most other states and dreams of even more travel. This is her third book. She also wrote Traveling the Road to Destiny and Forgiveness Comes. Married for 42 years, she has three children and ten grandchildren.