Books by Diane Griffith

A Moment to Remember: To Forgive, Divine

Alison and Rob are childhood playmates in the small village of Sarn, North Wales. Although Alison moves away with her parents, she longs to return to be with her grandparents and Rob.

In A Moment to Remember: To Forgive, Divine, a sad turn of events takes Alison back home, and she and Rob are re-united. They grow up within the tangled relationships of close family life and hidden secrets. Alison finds her feelings for Rob are changing into young love.

She moves again with her parents to Liverpool. Rob surprises Alison at her eighteenth birthday party, and the following year they get married. They are delighted when their baby son is born. Then Alison’s happiness is turned upside down when Rob leaves her for another woman.

Alison also meets someone, a young man who makes her world brighter. As she gets to know him, she finds that through their troubles they are drawn together. Meanwhile, Rob is sorry he ever left his wife.

When Alison hears from Rob, she is relieved but still angry, until she remembers something her grandfather told her when she was a child. His advice gives her the strength to meet with her husband. As her grandfather said, “To err is human, To Forgive Divine.”

Granny’s Magic Garden

griffithCoverFairies, Pixies and Many Other Fantasy Characters in the Garden Come to Life in Enchanting New Children’s Story

Four children discover a world of fantasy and wonder in Granny’s Magic Garden.

George and Freddie share the same Daddy as Harvey and Saffie so they are a special kind of family. They all love to hear stories from their Granny about the mystical things that go on in her garden during the night. And during the day, when they play in her garden, they start to realize that maybe Granny’s stories aren’t all made up! When some amazing things begin to happen, the four find that they are becoming part of the same stories they have always loved.

They learn simple lessons in behavior from the characters and laugh at the funny things that some of them do.

Join George, Freddie, Harvey and Saffie as they explore the wonders of Granny’s Magic Garden!

It Mattered Yesterday

IT MATTERED YESTERDAY: From Heartache to Happiness and Passion…

DGriffithCoverDiane Griffith’s It Mattered Yesterday is romantic and erotic fiction at its finest, and is set in and around Merseyside from the 60s to the 80s.

Stella is blessed with great beauty, but it brings her more unhappiness than she could ever believe possible. At seventeen, she falls deeply, happily in love and life is simple. Marrying her first love, Paul, the world is wonderful and full of eager expectations, especially after the birth of their baby son, Jon. But Stella’s world is shattered and her heart broken when Paul leaves her for another woman. Stella meets a Latin charmer named Pete and finds with him a passion so strong that it shocks her.

However, the relationship has a dark side that is frightening, yet fascinating. There seems to be no escape from Pete’s increasingly ardent demands. When Steve enters her life, Stella wonders if this gentle, caring man has come to her rescue. He is wealthy and so different from Pete. He gives her tender affection and a feeling of security. Both her lovers are powerful men in their own way and each is determined to possess her body and soul. Stella finds a true friend in Jill, who helps her through all her problems, and arranges a surprise. Her first love, Paul keeps returning to her life, adding to her dilemmas. Does Stella make the right decisions?


This inspiring and true adventure s51B-fkWdQMLtory is about the author and her husband’s journey to find beauty and meaning on the little known Island of Lefkas. The realistic descriptions of the people and places in the evocatively Greek environment take you right there with them, sharing in this heart-warming venture. The text moves along at a comfortable pace, and the prose is vivid and full of memorable images that contrast the Island’s beauty with their traveling hardships. Follow them on their journey and find out if they found the secret of true happiness, or were they merely chasing dreams?

About the Author

Diane Griffith was born in Scotland but spent her childhood in North Wales, speaking Welsh and English, being of a Welsh mother and an English father. She inherited her late father’s Liverpudlian humor, which always gave her  a positive attitude to life. She lives in Cyprus with her husband and elderly mother. Her son, Jamie, owns a bar in Paphos, where he is a singer/guitarist. Diane has held various occupations, with the last and most rewarding being running a Slimming World Club. Diane wrote many success stories for the local papers, promoting her club. She has also written a romantic novel, It Mattered Yesterday and a book for young children called Granny’s Magic Garden.