Books by Deborah C. Sang

Gee St. Canopy tells her own story as she sees it. Living in the Big Apple, New York City is everything Gee thought it would be. As a successful working woman enjoying an executive lifestyle, she is strong, independent, versatile, and family oriented.

But the one thing she doesn’t have down pat, is the man.

After a relationship gone bad, Gee takes on life as a single mother, hoping she will one day meet the man of her dreams. Taking readers along on her journey to find Mr. Right in metropolitan New York, Gee meets and evaluates men with the never-ending hope of falling in love. On her quest, she takes dating advice from her many colorful friends.

As Gee says, “I have nothing to lose, but instead a lifetime of love to gain.”

About the Author

Deborah C. Sang resides mostly in Coral Springs, Florida, with her family, friends, fellow associates, and relatives. Her many travels include the United States, India, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and the islands. This is her first book and there’s a sequel is in the works.

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