Speak Your Heart by Deanna M. Julbe

About the Book

Original poems comprise the heart of Speak Your Heart. This wonderful compilation includes poetry both happy and sad, but nonetheless, all the poems are inspiring.

Deanna M. Julbe speaks from her heart and hopes others will also be so inspired. She includes poems from her teen years, love poems and inspirational poems to name a few. “I hope they inspire you to speak your heart.”

She adds, “Poetry is raw emotion, words that you may never say out loud or share.” Be thankful she has chosen to share and advises everyone to Speak Your Heart.

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About the Author

I began writing at age 13. My sister would write these beautiful poems and I loved how I felt when I read them. I wanted to make other people feel this way. That same year I moved to Florida with my parents and younger brother. Moving to what seemed like the country compared to my hometown in Queens, NY. Poetry became my escape from reality and my only means of survival in my teenage eyes. Writing poetry then became more than just writing my emotions. I use my poetry to touch hearts, inspire emotions and to make people feel like they are not alone. My readers can connect with more than one of my poems in some way.

I love writing and I enjoy bringing a personal touch to anything I can with my poetry. It’s easy to forget how much sentiment can change the duration of our relationships. I want to make an impression on your heart. So as always I say “Stay blessed and inspired” and never be afraid when you Speak Your Heart.

Deanna M. Julbe resides in Florida and works in the medical field.