Books by Christopher D. Corran

DARK-Millennium 3

CorranCoverEber, a Mormon high priest is murdered and finds himself abruptly on the other side of the veil of death. We follow his footsteps as he embarks upon this new stage of his eternal life.

As a holder of the Holy Priesthood, Eber accepts his new reality but struggles at first to grasp its full significance. Death is not a problem for him. Progress however, eternal progress, remains no closer to his grasp than while in the mortal world.

True to doctrines revealed to him in life, Eber finds one there who will guide him. Relying upon plain and simple instructions, and as directed by spiritual and priestly superiors in the Spirit Realm of Death, he sees the veil as his gateway to a vaster existence than mortality had revealed.
Individuals beyond the veil are confronting and confusing in their wide scope of differences. Why is the little girl locked in the Dark Spirit Prison? Why is he enticed by The Girl in the Red Dress? Are they each different aspects of the one ancient carnal and pagan past of Mankind upon the Earth?
Eber struggles at first to grasp the sacred truthes embedded in each encounter. Despite his early sense of wonder, Eber finds the sacred and simple truth is everlasting beyond the veil. The keys, for him, are humility and obedience.

His priesthood calling, beyond the veil, is to use the keys of his priesthood authority and power.

FORTH-Millennium 3

The manner of death, his beheading by Islamists in the mortal world, continues to exercise some influence upon Eber beyond the veil. Forgotten individuals and treasured loved ones begin to assume an importance to him that was not fully seen in the World.

Eber finds new challenges in his own life and discovers he has keys to the challenges in the lives of others, in the Realm of Light, or Paradise. Called to be a Guide, Eber returns over and over again to the veil of Death, where he too entered the spirit world, to invite others to follow, and to come unto Jesus Christ.

No longer alone, despite consequences of decisions and events in the mortal world, Eber finds he is blessed to be covenanted with many sacred female companions. Their work in the spirit world is to bind up the broken hearted, who have died, and to offer prayer in behalf of those who yet live in the world and those also who are trapped in the Dark spirit prison.

Having been called to the office of High Priest in the mortal world, and having accepted the call, Eber now begins to assume elements of his eternal potential. Those under his authority come with questions and desires. They discuss many things: Virgin Birth; the false and pagan origins of Islam and its plagiarisms; the hidden harmony of Creationism and Science; and procreation between the gods.

His priesthood authority, the right of presidency, is required as he participates also in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Eber comes forth in the First Resurrection. Mankind are decimated. Five and a half billion souls die in the mortal world in the Biblical holocaust.
Eber observes the fulfilment of the words of the Prophets.

MAGOG-Millennium 3

MAGOG-Cover-siteEber sees he is confronted by challenges both of antagonism and of complacency, even among the angels in the realm of Light. He labors diligently among his covenant female companions and the priests entrusted to the presidency of his priestly stewardship. They now number in their thousands, especially the female angels.

It becomes a sacred duty of care for Eber to safeguard all those entrusted to his stewardship. Centuries pass as he alternates between guiding the souls of the dead from the veil of Death and maintaining his sacred covenant relationships in Paradise.

As the Third Millennium draws to a close, Eber is assigned to further duties in the mortal world, where he serves as a resurrected being. He observes the decline of Mankind and the loosing of Satan, to rage in the hearts of men during the “little season” prior to the great and final War of Gog and Magog.

The Archangel Michael is victorious and all sinners on Earth are destroyed. All mortal life on Earth is consumed by fire. The Sun becomes a Red Giant.

Eber observes the Judgement Day. He sees many of the great names of History come forth. He sees the fates of countless souls and witnesses their great joy. Eber also observes that there is indeed, “Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth”. Eber also is judged and he is found worthy. Eber is exalted and joins The Father and The Son.

Eber is a god.

But what god? Is Eber the Father God of our Creation? Is Eber the God of a prior Creation? Is Eber the God of a Creation yet to come?

All of this must be possible… or Christianity is a false religion…
For God Himself is an exalted Man.

Me3 Trilogy AMI 

Me3 TRILOGY-Cover-siteThe Millennium 3 Trilogy [Me
3 Trilogy] is a direct portrayal of Biblical End-Time Prophesies. It puts eternal Dialogue into the mouths of Characters created by the Author.

Mankind today is on the cusp of a vast and unstoppable war, The Great War, which will consume the lives of 5.5 Billion people. A few chastened survivors will endure into the Third Millennium [Me3].

All of this is, however, in accordance with the Great Plan of God.

The Me3 Trilogy sets its Characters beyond the Veil of Death, among those who have passed through their mortal experience. Every person in the world must pass through the Veil of Death.

We are in the Third Millennium NOW. Judgement Day awaits, at the end of the Third Millennium. Beyond the Judgement Day hang the shimmering curtains of Eternity.

DARK-Me3 depicts the passing of the lead Character, Eber, through the Veil of Death.
FORTH-Me3 depicts the Great War and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

MAGOG-Me3 depicts the Final War, leading to Judgement Day.

But first, this War . . .