Sabbath Day by Chris Smith

About the Book

9781625164490-Smith_CV.inddSabbath Day is about the day of rest given to humanity on behalf of The Lord Jesus Christ.

The day of rest should be a day of no work or labor, a day of enjoyment, a day of family time, and a day of Praise.

The book was written for those who are doers of the Word of God by faith with obedience, and not a hearer only.

“Sabbath Day was finished because I believe by faith that my book will help people rest from working ourselves to death,” says author Chris Smith.

About the Author

Smith Web PicChris Smith became a born again Christian by faith in August 1995 at Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose, California. In 1998, he began Love of Christ Ministries, which is committed to teaching the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ. Born in San Francisco, the author was raised in Milpitas, and now lives in Victorville, California. This is his first published book.