Seeking Justice by Chris Hinch

978-1-62516-635-7-CHinchCoverAbout Seeking Justice

Stunning Crime Novel Takes
a Man to the Pits of Hell and Back

Even a drug addict can seek justice when it was murder that shaped his life.

In the case of a burnt-out drug addict running for his life in Vancouver, British Columbia, the man is shot and left to bleed to death. Hospitalized for his injuries, he finds unexpected strength to finish what has become his purpose in life: Seeking Justice to punish his wife’s killer.

This recovering drug addict, whose strength and willpower surprises even himself, is determined to find and punish the criminal who ruined his life. The time has come to rely on the renewed quickness of his mind and the strength of his healing body.

We are all Seeking Justice, but few find it.

HinchCoverWebJudge and Justice

Set in Vancouver, British Columbia, a well-meaning and honorable man caught up in his search for recovery finds strength and conviction meting out justice. Judge and Justice is the sequel to author Chris Hinch’s previous novel Seeking Justice.

Chris is a recovering drug addict searching for drug dealers, people in the slave trade, and pedophiles, so he can mete out his own form of justice and give them the punishment they truly deserve. He meets a beautiful woman cop and their sexual relationship is told in a straightforward and honest way.

The part of the story dealing with drug addiction recovery is from the author’s own observations as well as stories told by other recovering addicts.

This thrilling crime novel is loaded with humor, honesty, violence, and a bit of recovery.

About the AuthorHinchWebPic

Chris Hinch born in Halifax in 1950. A recovering addict, he is the manager of a furniture finishing shop in Kelowna, B.C. The author enjoys writing poetry, music, and playing pool.