Author Chris Ekpekurede

Not Born to Live- Return of the Godly Stranger

Two stunning lookalikes create a stir when they accidentally meet again at the matriculation ceremony of their sons at Mount Zion University in Abuja. As soon as they see each other, they recall they met eleven years earlier under equally strange circumstances.

One promptly goes for the left ear of the other to confirm the presence of an unmistakable scar, a birthmark deliberately left there by the midwife who delivered them in order to distinguish one twin from the other.

They introduce themselves and render their separate accounts of the events that first brought them together. Curious admirers ask, “Are you twins?” But they can’t answer because they don’t know!

All they can do is stare at each other incredulously each time someone asks the question. They wonder who they are and why their paths keep crossing. Unknown to them, they were not born to live, but God was in the mix.

Not Born to Live is: 

… a stirring story of prostitution and foster-parenting.

… a strong advocacy for child rights.

“The beauty of the book is in the steps taken by the lookalikes to discover their identities, and the discovery, coupled with the circumstances that surround their birth, will no doubt justify the suspense the reader experiences.” – Professor Oyeniyi Okunoye, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

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Godly Stranger

When Henry loses his lucrative job at Global Haulage Company, it sets in motion a series of catastrophic events within a failed transportation business, as well as a false prophet who breaks up his home.

Events spiral dangerously around two stunning and inexplicable lookalikes and their common lover, leading to another broken home and a crazy quest for sex that claims the life of their lover. Helen, Henry’s wife and one of the lookalikes, must return to her marriage. Can she go the distance, even with the help of the Godly Stranger?

Down-to-earth and wise cracking, the story exposes the vulnerability of employees who get caught up in corporate reorganisations, and those who fail to plan against sudden career upheaval. The novel offers serious lessons in poor retirement planning and rashly thought out entrepreneurial ventures. It also indicts a society taken hostage by a plethora of false prophets and pastors feeding on the gullibility of hapless people.

Godly Stranger does provide a consolation: Despite the harsh realities of life, there is solace within the secret hands of God at work in the lives of those who sincerely trust Him. The story not only elicits sympathy for Helen and Henry as they taste the bitter pills of life, but also gives hope to all who face hard times.

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978-1-61897-072-5-CEkpekuredeCoverGetting to Maximum

Reaching maximum success cannot be achieved without making the necessary sacrifices. In fact, the size of any success is directly proportional to the extra mile covered in its pursuit. Therefore, the extra mile defines the level of success.

Do not expect your actions to be logical when you are operating in this realm. Extra-mile actions do not make sense because they do not appeal to the senses. So when you are about to embark on an extra-mile action, it is pointless to consult anyone but God!

Sacrificing can hurt, but nothing lifts the spirit of a person better. You can change your present circumstances by launching your sacrifices a notch higher.

978-1-62516-603-6-CEkpekuredeCoverTake Your Service to Maximum

Whoever you are, whatever you do, I wager that you are a service provider. To maximise your service, it is necessary to draw your attention to strategies that can lift your performance and productivity.

This book covers the essentials of error mitigation and how to grow, preserve, and package your brand. It provides solutions for recovering from service failure and establishing sound business ethics. It also outlines strategies for rewarding performance, getting feedback, and communicating your message to an audience. Finally, the book treats you to how you can manage success for continuous growth. There is something fresh for everyone. It is a SERVICE reference manual!

978-1-62857-864-5-CEkpekuredeCoverManaging Church Building Projects

Project Management Guide: Building a Church Is a Labor of Love

Church and communal projects not only pose engineering challenges, but are a hearts-and-minds issue. This book details how a church building project should be conceived, planned, and executed, and it is written by a civil engineer.

Managing Church Building Projects considers such important issues as the part-time status of building committee members, contractor selection, managing stakeholder expectations, the use of uncompleted facilities in concurrent operations, as well as the technical and spiritual qualifications of project officials. It outlines the options for funding and the strategies for preserving church infrastructural investments.

For 25 years, Chris Ekpekurede has been a volunteer project manager on extensive infrastructural projects for churches. These include multi-million-dollar projects that make up the wealth of experience set down in this book. He says “these have opened my eyes to project strategies that work, and those that do not work. The book is a vital tool for church operators and organizational leaders alike.”

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About Laughing over Serious Matters Ekpekurede Cover Web

This collection of true life stories loaded with life lessons is guaranteed to make you laugh and laugh …

and then learn. The book should not be read by anyone allergic to laughter. But whether you laugh or not, it will stir something in you.

Chris Ekpekurede opens up his humorous side, as he unravels uncommon perspectives of everyday life experiences to bring out the serious issues hidden in them. The book is like finding gold in the midst of dust.

Despite the seriousness of the lessons that these stories teach, laughter looms large in the book’s main thrust, as the stories Make You Laugh and Reflect. Says the author, “If we do not make a conscious effort to laugh over some of the serious matters of life, we will allow them to permanently drown us.”

Ekpekurede Cover Web About Take that Action!

If this book doesn’t get you started on some profitable action right away, nothing else will! It debates your conscience for longstanding inaction and delivers you from yourself.

No ordinary business guide, Take That Action! provides wisdom for building capacity and a blueprint for living wealthy.

The author demystifies success when he defines it as “being genuinely happy with life.” What a solid foundation this definition provides for the rest of the book.

Whether you don’t know what to do, have been trapped in long-term planning, or incapacitated by a failure, this book will bail you out.

From managing business risks to unravelling difficult choices, from converting pennies to pounds to securing your future in retirement, Take That Action! is a gem for all success seekers. Written from personal experience, it is a collection of the author’s best teachings on self-development and the pursuit of success. He is the author of five books with numerous accolades.

“Getting to Maximum is awe-inspiring! It connects spirituality to our everyday activities. It reaches out to the educated and the uneducated alike. It’s a manual for success.” – Timi Ikuku, Lagos, Nigeria

“Laughing Over Serious Matters is simply unputdownable.” – Chris Chukwurah, head of Works, Michael Okpara University, Nigeria

“Laughing Over Serious Matters left me in stitches!” – Harriman Oyofo, manager at Shell, Nigeria.

About the Author

A Christian and civil engineer, Chris Ekpekurede is a public speaker, coach, and motivator. He was chief engineer in a subsidiary of the Royal Volker Stevin of Holland, and the head of corporate civil engineering for Shell Petroleum Development Company. He is a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers, and the Institute of Human and Natural Resources. He is also the author of Getting to Maximum, Take Your Service to Maximum, and Managing Church Building Projects. His fifth book, Take that Action!, is in the works. He is the host of the hugely popular local radio programme “Breakthrough Moments” in Nigeria.