Books By Chandrani Warnasuriya

Peace Tales from Asia

Can one woman bring about world peace?

Read selected stories from Asian cultures as retold by Chandrani Warnasuriya in her book Peace Tales From Asia: Building a Culture of Peace.

“What a difference it would make if we replace war with peace,” she writes. The author is inspired by those promoting and working for peace both locally and globally.

She was motivated to write Peace Tales because, “War and terrorism was prevalent in my country Sri Lanka for over thirty years; torn by ethnic and religious conflict made everybody including myself long for peace. Round-the-globe acts of violence and reckless killing have left thousands bereaved and mourning for loved ones lost forever.”

Inspired by her students, “I seriously thought about writing when I started to teach and work with children. I realized that children were the grass-roots level with which to begin work for peace in the world.”

Children’s Stories of Wit and Humor

51DlJ1tQI4L._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_“Variety is the spice of life” is a popular saying. Mix it with wit, humor, entertainment and peals of laughter and what do you have? A salad dish of sheer joy. Next to fantasy and spooky, this variety would enrich and encourage a child’s reading table, outwitting a bizarre arena of alluring visuals.

Children’s Stories of Wit and Humor: Stories from Sri Lanka is a peek-a-boo into a wealth of such literature found in cultures in this part of the world such as Sri Lanka. The beloved Grand-Old-Man (Mahadenamutta) had a troop of musketeers, The Big Five, who trailed behind their master wherever he went. They adored their master and did nothing but follow the master’s instructions to the point of absurdity. The stories are full of their humorous adventures.

Favorite FolkTales of Sir Lanka

51SaqRhWtWL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_“As a child I remember sitting on the lap of my grandma listening to stories. A great storyteller, I could listen to her all day till she finally lulled me to sleep, in a peaceful lullaby.”

Sri Lankan children born and bred in America miss the influence of grandparents and close relatives left behind in their homeland, and grow up without a firm knowledge of customs, stories and songs that molded the values and lifestyles of their parents and grandparents. Written to mark the sixtieth (Golden Jubilee) Independence Anniversary of Sri Lanka, the stories in this collection hopefully will give young people an opportunity to learn something of their homeland.

Spooky Tales From the Orient

51dFY5gFCoL._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_Traditional tales and stories, whether told by grandmas and elders or retold by professional storytellers, are well-loved by almost all audiences round the world. The spooky among these, frequently highlighted at yearly celebrations like Halloween in America are scary, hair-raising and induce shivers and shrieks. Children have fun reading, listening to or watching movies and videos of them during such celebrations.

There is a wealth of these in Oriental and Far Eastern folktales as much as those in other parts of the world. Spooky characters mixed with the supernatural and the enchanted add so much spice and life and give an interesting and charming twist to the familiar ghosts, trolls, ogres, witches and vampire tales that they need special mention. An attempt is made in this collection to highlight such stories in categories randomly selected and retold to include as many Asian countries as possible.