Children’s Books by Bronwyn Heeney

About the Books


There is a farm way out in the countryside that has all the normal things a farm has — land, trees, fields, a family and an assortment of animals. But what’s unusual about one of these animals — a goat named Nibbles — is that he’ll eat anything!

Goats are known for chewing this and chewing that, but Nibbles devours everything — from grass to car parts! Nibbles’ best friend is a young boy who loves the fact that his goat will eat anything, but his Mom and Dad aren’t too keen on the fact. Mom and Dad are determined to make sure Nibbles stops eating the things he shouldn’t.

How will they keep Nibbles from nibbling everything in sight?

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A Dragon Called Wilbur

Long ago in a land far away, in an age when people believed in magic, there lived A Dragon Called Wilbur.

Now Wilbur was a very lonely dragon, because everyone was afraid of him. What could Wilbur possibly do to make friends?

This lonely dragon believes that if he can alter his behaviour and convince his neighbours that he is not dangerous, he can become a valued part of the village. By doing this, Wilbur can make a big difference in his community. Hopefully, he will also make friends and will no longer be lonely.

Can Wilbur convince everyone that dragons are not so scary after all? This uplifting children’s book sends a positive message about outsiders wanting to belong.

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About the Author

Bronwyn Heeney writes  delightful stories filled with colorful, charismatic characters and whimsical narration that is certain to be a favorite among toddlers. Bronwyn Heeney has been a writer for over 30 years. Ms. Heeney is currently working on future children’s books and lives with her family in Australia.