In the Stillness of a Single Breath by Boti Nagy

About the Book

In the Stillness of a Single Breath is an unusual love story that breaks all molds. The story brings together a New York fashion model with a mysterious man from the Australian Outback.

Lara Nelson is swept off her feet by J.D., who possesses uncanny psychic abilities, insights, and gifts that defy all rational explanation. Lara’s fascination with him grows as they meet in various exotic locales around the world. His abilities become more apparent to the intrigued Lara at each liaison. But Lara is married and wonders why this man has now come into her life.

Is there more to life and love than the material and the comforts to which Lara has always aspired, and why are these two who are so different drawn to each other? The answers come in a most unexpected way.

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About the Author

This debut novel by multiple award-winning Australian journalist Boti Nagy takes you on a journey around the world and within yourself, as you follow his intriguing cast of characters taking their own unexpected paths. Nagy has written two critically acclaimed non-fiction books on basketball, published in Australia, and is writing his next two novels.