A Mother’s Love

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  As a mother I want to wish all the mothers a very blessed day.

A Mother’s Love


The very moment life begins in her,

a Mother’s Love transcends.

Her soul knows no limits,

for her child now shares her spirit.


This is the greatest love of all.

A Mother’s Love is nothing small.

Her love performs miracles.

A love that is purely spiritual.


Once her child matures

a Mother’s Love only grows more.

The love for her child

always makes her smile.


When her days are done

this Mother’s Love carries on.

She will carry this love,

on the wings of a dove.


An angel she will be,

for A Mother’s Love you see

will carry on forever more.

Always protecting, and shielding

her precious born.

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Where is Spring?

This has been a long winter.

Where is Spring?

Where are you Spring?

When will you come?

Take away this cold and

bring us that big warm sun.

Show us your pretty flowers,

your strong trees in bloom.

The little critters are ready

to come from their womb.

Let your warm air caress our skin.

So we can play outside again.

Oh Mother Nature

enough of this cold….

The sleet, the ice and all of this snow.

I am so ready for winter to end.

Please bring the Spring

I pray …Amen!!!





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A Momma’s Prayer for Her Soldier

A Momma’s Prayer for Her Soldier


I Pray for You………Pride,

So you may wear your uniform with Honor.


I Pray for You………Wisdom,

So you may not be Fooled.


I Pray for You……….Courage,

So you may face your emeny Fearlessly.


I Pray for You…………Faith,

So you may never feel alone.


I Pray for You………..Clarity,

So you may see the Wicked at Heart.


I Pray for You………..Strength,

So you may face you duties Tirelessly.


I Pray for Your………..Soul,

So you may enter Heaven.


I Pray for Your……… Spirit,

So you may be able to Cry.


I Pray for Your……….Angels

So they may always be with You.


I Pray for me ………..Patience,

Until You Come Home!


My son joined the Navy, so I have always had a soft spot for our soldiers.  But when it is your son or daughter, all logic leaves.  I wanted to say what every mother wants to say to her soldier.


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Growing Old

Growing Old (a poem) Please read to the end…
Over the last few months most of you know I’ve taken on a career change. I am a license Maryland Insurance Agent. I work for Bankers Life and Casualty Company with a Colonial Penn office in Glen Burnie here close to Baltimore. We specialize in services for seniors, especially 65 and older. Part of my job is to educate those in Medicare or those just going in to Medicare about the program, what it does and doesn’t cover.
Before I started this new career and felt I was pretty aware of what old age meant. In fact I am not no spring chicken anymore my self. 🙂 But now I’ve learn some really sobering facts. If you don’t have a good plan in place for your old age there is very little out there to support your needs.
Many of us don’t want to think about what happens if we couldn’t take of ourself. Everyday I see seniors who waited too long to put in place provisions and now with multiple health issues and no family to protect them they literally thrown out in the cold and what ever they have AND SAVED the government takes and retirement, Medicare and Social Security isn’t enough. The cost of long term care in facility is mind blowing or even at home.
I am not making a sales pitch, am just voicing facts. I am very lucky my son and daughter will make sure I am care for and they have made provisions for me already. I am blessed. But I see so many older people who aren’t as blessed. My heart goes out to them. Old age is difficult. So all of this has touch me deeply. I want to share this poem with all of you and if I can help let me know.

Growing Old

It’s hard to grow old and
not live in the past.
It’s remembering the better times
that helps the aging heart to last.

The happiest of memories
are those we tend to cling.
When old age sits in
these memories are entertaining.

You remember the best of your childhood.
Filled with laughter and happier days.
Shared with cherish friends and family.
These memories help get through the day.

Yes…Growing old is difficult at best.
When your young full of life
old age is so far away.
You think me…No way!

Then from out of no where…
The years have passed you by.
The reflection in the mirror,
all you can say now is ‘Oh My!’

Your years now are precious.
Life has become more real.
Time has become a curse.
Old age is now surreal.

You’ll find yourself
sitting alone with nothing to do.
Your body old and tired
it’s the past that wakes the life up in you.

All you can have now are the memories
to help you get through each day.
These memories you cling
because they are comforting.
It’s hard to grow old and not live in the past…

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My Faith

Oh… Where would we be without our faith?  Whether it’s your faith in God, a higher power or even just the faith to hope for better days.  For myself, my faith has brought me through some very difficult times. It has help me to go to sleep at night and wake with a fresher outlook.  My faith has guided me and gave me hope when I truly felt beaten and had nothing else to rely on.  Having faith is a true sign of grace.  By believing in the simple act of faith, you can find your greatest strength.  Your faith helps you to move forward and look forward to better days.

My Faith

I try everyday to have the faith,

To take that chance and go the length.

For every early morning sunrise.

A miracle of life can rise.

And the night that comes to us all,

I rest knowing that the sun won’t fall.

When my days are hard to bare,

I will take a moment to say a prayer.

I will finish my day with a big fat grin,

A hot tub bath, and a large glass of gin.

Then to my nice soft bed I’ll rest,

Say Thank You and God Bless!

Knowing that my faith is tight,

Tomorrow will bring a whole new fight!

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