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Escaping an abusive husband and the tragic loss of her newborn child, Tressa O’Daire leaves her home of Dublin, Ireland, for the unknown shores of New York City. There she finds work in the powerful Langley family as a nurse-maid to a baby girl. The Langleys allow Tressa, a master baker by trade, to use their baking oven. She starts a business and a new life.

Ethan Langley, crippled in a riding accident that left him bound to a wheel chair, has spent the last eight years in his room escaping the embarrassment to his family and the hatred of his brother, Heaton. The only bright spot in his life is his sister, Sarah, until a certain Irish baker arrives and turns his life upside down.

Ethan and Tressa’s very lives are threatened when the head of the Langley household dies unexpectedly, leaving the business and family fortune to Heaton. As Heaton and his wife, Victoria, bring the family to the brink of ruination, Tressa and Ethan must save whatever they can, including the budding love between them. View the Press Release

Shield of the Palidine

Princess Elise d’Orleans, niece to King Louis XIII, is a spoiled brat used to having everyone cater to her every whim. She hates planet Amorgos, hates the races living there, and hates the fact that everyone believes she is their Redeemer. In other words, she is a royal pain in the derriere!

Elise is supposed to be the One to free them from enslavement of their common enemy, the Asmodai. But more than anything else, Elise hates that the only other human in Amorgos is a stinky peasant named Pierre, who doesn’t bow to her every whim.

Shield of the Palidine chronicles the journey of Elise to find the true Redeemer, as well as Pierre’s transformation to a warrior of immense abilities, and their unbridled love, despite the reasons that they shouldn’t have a happy ending. Above all, this clever fantasy is not only entertaining, but it also teaches some lessons about bigotry and intolerance.

978-1-63135-342-0-BCernyCoverGrays Hill

After her father committed suicide rather than face his mounting gambling debts, Oksana Wallingford knows she will have to work in order to keep food on the table and her younger brother, the new baron, in school. When her best friend finds her a position as the nanny of his brother’s children, it is the opportunity Oksana needs. But what she didn’t contend with was Rafe, the recently widowed Duke of Essex and her new employer.

Oksana and Rafe’s personalities are like oil and water. However, what begins as mutual hate slowly begins to change into something more. But what future can they have when Rafe has sworn off marriage for good?

As the mismatched pair struggles to come to terms with one another, a disaster that throws everything into question strikes them both.

978-1-60860-013-7-BCernyCoverOf Angels and Orphans

A unique story of two lovers from two very different upbringings, united by their individual struggles, Of Angels and Orphans tells the romantic tale of an overweight, neglected, posh young girl who befriends a poor, courageous orphan and his three friends.

Audra Markham is a ten-year-old girl born into privilege, but only in the sense of wealth. The granddaughter of a Viscount, Audra is the object of ridicule in her spoiled and spiteful family. Alone and unloved, Audra seeks solace in the comfort of food.

In another part of London, thirteen-year-old Nathaniel Abbot lives a wretched life, forced to steal food in order to survive. Living in squalid conditions at the local orphanage, Nathaniel and three of his friends are spared further suffering when Audra “rescues” them from their plight.

Through the chronicles of two lost souls trying to find their place in life, despite all the tensions of poverty, neglect and cruelty, Of Angels and Orphans is a zealous story unlike anything you have ever read before. View the Press Release

About the Author

Barbara T. Cerny served twenty-two years in the U.S. Army Reserves and is now an information technology specialist and supervisor. She lives with her loving husband, Charles, and their two wonderful children, Oksana and Audra, in Dayton, Ohio.