Books by Barb Bissonette

bissonette 1Leave a Light on for Christmas is reminiscent of Christmases past and is old fashioned in its sincerity. It is Christmas Eve. The elderly woman narrating the story is rocking her great-grandchild by the light of her Christmas tree. She proceeds to tell the story behind every ornament on the tree, thereby telling her own life story. The book starts in 1935, covers the war years, and the many important changes that have led up to present day. The story is told year by year, as Christmas comes around and the ornaments on the old woman’s tree reflect the changes and events of her life. Set in present day, the narrator reflects back on her childhood until gradually her life story is told, one Christmas at a time. View the Press Release

About Among Little Faces bissonette3Little Emma was only a baby when her 16-year-old mother brought her home to be raised under the care of her grandparents, Alma and Joe. A tiny bundle from heaven was all they knew and, despite the hardships and illnesses they must face together, Alma and Joe raised her as best as they could on their beautiful farm of Lilac Thyme. Eventually, Emma and her mother move away from the farm and now Emma must struggle to live with a mentally challenged sister as well as deal with her own incapacitating illness. It is more than anyone is prepared to handle, especially a sweet little girl like Emma, but Alma and Joe are not about to let their granddaughter lose hope. A beautiful, poignant story, as told by her grandmother, about a brave, young girl and the unforeseen circumstances that we must sometimes face…but not always on our own.

About A Winter Townbissonette Gillian Cooper is a young detective who has been sent to an isolated northern Ontario town to investigate the death of a teenaged boy who was found dead in the woods a year ago. She becomes involved in the lives of the villagers and grows to care about them when she discovers, quite by accident, that all is not as it appears.