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A Little Dachshund’s Tale

This is the story of how Frances Peabody came to live in New York City. Frances was a brave little dachshund who was born in a small New England town.

Although she was very sick when she came into this world, Frances was able to overcome her illness, travel to different places, and make many friends. This book is just the beginning of A Little Dachshund’s Tale, as told by Frances and some of the people she encounters along the way. Look for more stories to come about this beloved little dog!

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978-1-62516-833-7-AJeanCoverFrances Peabody

Frances Peabody is an entertaining children’s book about a small dachshund who must overcome adversity as she learns the true meaning of family.

This tiny little dachshund just happens to live in the very large city of New York, with a lady who wears rings on her toes and a man whom the lady calls “Honey.” Frances didn’t always live in the big city. She came from a pet store in a small New England town. But Frances is happy in New York. She goes to school every day with the lady and gets to play with the school children.

Frances enjoys taking Honey and the lady on long walks, chasing pigeons and squirrels in the park, and hunting for the occasional pizza crust on the street. When Honey becomes very ill, Frances is in for some big life changes. Join Frances on her big city adventures in this wonderfully illustrated book.

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About the Author

April JeanApril Jean grew up in New Bedford, Massachusetts, which is the neighboring town where Frances is from. She runs a dog walking/sitting business. “I spent my summers on Nantucket, which is also a setting in our story. Today Frances and I live in New York City, along with her Dad Kevin and her brother Mugsy. Frances inspired me to write this book and continues to be my inspiration throughout the series. Frances has to overcome a lot in this book, but I wanted the reader to feel inspired. It is important that the reader is able to feel sympathy for Frances, and I wanted to make sure there were still plenty of moments where they could laugh with her.”


April Jean 1Please feel free to contact April and Frances for their availability to come do a reading in your bookstore, classroom, or local library!



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