Wolves and Little Wolves: A Story of an Adoption by Antony Lay

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No condition of indigence or poverty justifies the abandonment of a child. As far as my own experience is concerned, I am sure that a child would rather die of starvation or know that his parents are in prison than learn that they did not abandon him. If genocide is a crime against humanity, the abandonment of a child is much more, calling into question the first ethical principle for our survival: a mother should not abandon her child. Animals do not do that, or do so only if the little ones are naturally self-sufficient by birth. It is an everlasting torture and I am sure that my son is wondering – in his own confusion – why he did not get in life what so many others were granted.

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OrphanageDespite this story, I have been very lucky in my life … I had two wonderful parents, who, in their simplicity they taught me to love and respect Nature and its Laws. I have had satisfactory work experience both economically and professionally, first as a military pilot in the Italian Air Force, and now as a Fire fighting Pilot for the Civil Defence .

I am not rich, but I can not complain .. I have everything I need. If you have the adventure to stumble upon this web and buy my book, you can be sure that every dollar or cent will be used for the survival of the protagonist, my adoptive son ,when I’m gone.

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