The Cuckoo’s Egg by Anna Morten

About the Book

The Cuckoo’s Egg is the emotional, sometimes shocking, yet incredibly inspirational life journey of Emma.

Based on real life events of the author, Anna Morten, Emma’s tale explores extreme emotional depths as she overcomes the trauma of family rejection, abandonment, sexual abuse, life-threatening health challenges, and poverty.

Born into the chaos of post-war East Germany, Emma lives a despondent childhood and her quest to find meaning and happiness in life becomes increasingly difficult as she tries to break out of her repressive circumstances.

From falling into the grasp of Russian militant soldiers and making a daring escape from the other side of the Berlin Wall, to the restrictions imposed after marrying into an influential Islamic family, to her astounding personal liberation, Emma’s extraordinary experiences span from Germany to Africa and Spain, around the world, and finally to Australia. They offer an eye-opening account of the challenges women can face and overcome no matter where in the world they live.

This honest and heartfelt story is an inspiration to anyone looking to rise above the challenges of life, as Emma discovers the importance of connecting with her spiritual essence, realizing her own potential, and following her dreams.

A finalist in the 2011 International Book Awards and 2012 Readers Favorite Awards, this book will affect you deeply: it will make you laugh, cry, and reflect on your own life. The Cuckoo’s Egg will resonate with anyone who, like Emma in facing her life’s battles, is constantly searching for the meaning of it all.

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About the Author

Writing for over 15 years and drawing on the tragedy and adversity she herself has overcome, Anna Morten now dedicates her life to sharing her story and assisting men and women worldwide in discovering and perfecting the full potential of their inner strength. This courageous book is part of Anna’s ongoing commitment to helping others find happiness, meaning, and strength of spirit in their own lives.