Crimson and Scarlet By Dr. Anita Dix-McLaughlin

About the Book

Crimson and Scarlet is the fascinating novel about a fictional Southern town that spans four generations. The story is told by an elderly resident, the self-made historian of Southside, who details the relationships, as well as the greed, drug dealing, larceny, and even murder that take place here.

Michael Browning, a young minister, is pursuing Charlotte Cote, a bad girl turned evangelist. However, there’s trouble in their relationship. She is the product of generations of dysfunction woven into the families who live in a town where nothing seemingly goes as expected.

What hidden factors have shaped the families living in this bad luck “Bible Belt” community over the past 100 years? Is it possible for Southside to finally overcome the sins of the past and be reborn?

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About the Author

Dr. Anita Dix-McLaughlin grew up in Los Angeles, but currently resides in Providence, Rhode Island. She is an ordained nondenominational Christian minister heard weekly on her international radio broadcast “His Mercy Endures.” She is also a ministry, media and business consultant. “I learned that no matter how bad things get, faith in God will bring you through. I believe that nothing happens accidentally and I look for life’s lessons in everything I experience.” She is working on the sequel, Spirit and Truth.