Books by Angelina Joyce Canizzaro

The Little Girl Who Grew Wings

Lila is a unique little girl who likes to help people in need, but finds that she is the one who needs help. She receives it from a friend in a very special way.

Because she is different, Lila doesn’t think people like her. One day after reading to a lonely old lady, she becomes tired and heads home to sleep. Later that evening, her back becomes itchy and feels strange, Lila looks in the mirror to see what’s wrong but can’t get a good look.

The next morning her back still feels strange. This time when she looks in the mirror, to her surprise a tiny pair of white wings are growing out of her back. Lila is not afraid, for she knows the wings are there because she helps people in need.

Lila decides to hide her wings, but then her best friend Lulu shows up at her door. What should Lila do?

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Daddy’s Magic Lunchbox

Take a journey that is mysterious, exciting and fun. Everyone loves surprises, especially when they are few and far between. This true children’s story can bring families closer together and perhaps help them create special memories of their own.

The author’s dad was a quiet man and spoke only when he thought it was important. Daddy loved animals and was kind and compassionate to every creature he met. He drove a bulldozer for a living. One day he cleared the land of trees and noticed a skunk nest. The mother skunk and her babies ran for cover except for one tiny skunk. Daddy carefully placed it in his Magic Lunchbox and brought it home for his kids to raise.

Another time Daddy came home and placed his lunchbox on the table without a word. Inside was a tiny bird fluttering about. It was a crow that became known as Joe. Joe the Crow would pick the clothes pins from Mom’s laundry line and would collect all things shiny. Read about all the magical things that came from Daddy’s Magic Lunchbox.

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About the Author

Angelina Joyce Canizzaro grew up in America’s greatest family resort, Ocean City, New Jersey. She is a licensed massage therapist and personal fitness trainer, with degrees in various holistic modalities of healing and wellness. An avid reader, she has been writing for her own enjoyment for many years. “My inspiration for writing this book washed over me after my Mom passed. I was alone thinking of my Dad, and I could not get to a pen fast enough to write my true childhood story.”