Vaulted Home: Those Who Cheated Death

by Ana Filomena Amaral

978-1-62516-821-4-AAmaralCoverAbout the Book

Vaulted Home: Those Who Cheated Death is a novel about creation that is guided by two main parts. The first consideration is that of the history of mankind, from prehistoric to twentieth century, as told by a woman, and representing the home of the world.

The second part is the story of the construction of the house of the individual. The seven chapters in which the work is divided are an analogy and reference to the biblical seven days of creation.

The main protagonist is a woman, who embodies all the periods in which the narrative is conceived, and interacts with the main male characters according to their role in world history. Then we have the more intimate side of the story, which is the building of mankind’s house, the house of being human, with all the philosophical thoughts and feelings.

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About the Author

Ana Filomena AmaralAna Filomena Amaral is a Portuguese writer born in Avintes, Oporto, and now lives in Lousã. She earned a master’s in contemporary economic and social history from the University of Coimbra, and a specialization in documentary sciences. She is an experienced interpreter and translator in several European languages, particularly German. The author works for the Minister of Education in Coimbra. She has already published five novels in Portugal and Vaulted Home is one of them. She has also published historical monographies, including her master’s thesis about the Portuguese First Minister Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo.