She Who Dares Wins by Amanda Mackey

978-1-61897-918-6-AMackeyCoverAbout the Book

Left for dead by her abusive husband, Dakota Livingston manages to survive and escape her tortured life with the help of her parents. Months later she finds herself on a tropical island, on a holiday to celebrate her new life.There she meets and falls in love with Kyle Rutherford, a handsome movie actor. It’s love at first sight for both of them and it’s time for Dakota to let go of the shackles of her past and reach for that “happily ever after.” What Dakota doesn’t realize is that her ex-husband has found out he didn’t kill her and ends up on the doorstep of her parents’ house looking for her.

Upon learning that her ex has put her father in the hospital, Dakota must leave her newfound bliss and return to deal with the situation. But on her way home the plane she’s on crashes, with Dakota the only survivor. Drifting at sea for days, she’s rescued by local fisherman and taken to an island far more primitive than the one she’s just left. Here she befriends Daniel a 12-year-old boy with secrets hauntingly similar to her own. With the two racing against time to escape the island and Daniel’s abusive father, the real adventure begins as She Who Dares Wins reaches its dramatic climax.

About the Author

Amanda MackeyAlthough she was born in New Zealand, author Amanda Mackey has lived with her family on the Gold Coast of Australia since the 1980s. A part-time student, Amanda adores reading and is aspiring to a full-time career as a writer.