Francisca and the Boys by Alfred Arroyo

978-1-62212-325-4-AArroyoCoverAbout the Book

The family saga of Francisca and the Boys begins in the 1920s and ends after World War II.
Chamaco and Francisca Delmonte moved to Denver shortly after they marry in 1920 in El Paso, Texas. They wanted to escape the poverty of the times that prevailed in Mexico and the adjoining state of Texas.

Without any skills, Chamaco turns to gambling and other nefarious methods to survive and keep his family fed. His sons Nick and Davy are born in Colorado. Chamaco dies in the late 1930s, forcing Francisca to move the family to Chicago to start a new life. After working as a waitress, she eventually opens a business of her own.

Her son Davy marries, while Nick joins the Navy right after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Davy is injured in a fight and lands in a hospital with life-threatening injuries. Meanwhile, Nick goes overseas and begins his war saga at Pearl Harbor, the Solomon Islands and the Philippines.
Joy, humor and sadness continue the evolving story in the novel’s sequel that begins in the late 1940s.

About the Author

Now retired, Alfred Arroyo is a writer and an artist. He lives in Cicero, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. To learn more about the author and his paintings visit