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Storm Clouds Over the Horizon

Jack Baker is a self-employed painter and decorator in his late twenties who also does
occasional small plumbing jobs. Abandoned by his mother at birth, Jack was brought
up by foster parents.

When working in a large country house, he comes across a sports trophy engraved
with a name that re-ignites a deep-held desire to try to find his birth family, something
he failed to achieve in an earlier attempt.

Using a different approach this time, he makes contact with a half-brother. Unknown
to Jack, his relative has a shady past involving convictions for minor crimes, which
inadvertently draw in Jack. The connection with his half sibling leads to a
complicated series of events involving a corrupt Member of Parliament and his
equally corrupt nephew.

The police use Jack to further their investigations into the MP and his nephew. It turns
out that both men’s crimes are far more serious than originally thought. Russian spies
are only part of his troubles as Jack becomes involved in a complicated series of
events that threaten his life.

About the Author:

Born in London, Alan Clarke has lived throughout the UK. The
retired technical writer currently resides in West Cumbria in the Lake District of
England. He was inspired to write this story by a friend who has been searching for
his birth relatives for many years. This is his eighth novel.

978-1-62516-106-2-AClarkeCoverThe Metal Detector

Haven’t we all dreamt of finding lost treasure? In the engrossing new novel The Metal Detector, Keith Reynolds doesn’t exactly find buried treasure, but what he does find is something totally unexpected.

One day Keith impulsively buys a secondhand metal detector to use during a camping weekend. The detector leads Keith to a buried handgun at an old Ministry of Defence (MOD) site, which ends up implicating him in the unsolved murder of a senior policeman’s brother. Vowing to catch his brother’s killer, the policeman is due for retirement and wants the case settled. With only Keith’s fingerprints on the gun and the way he smuggled it off MOD grounds, he can’t prove how it came into his possession. What will happen when the real killer hears the news that the gun has been found?

This stunning murder mystery becomes a paranormal adventure when the story takes strange and dangerous turns. The Metal Detector will test your mettle!

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Clarke Cover WebThe Wooden Box

A young single guy in his mid-twenties is duped into innocently becoming involved in the illegal ransom exchange of a small wooden box. He has no idea of its significance, but the box is wanted for different reasons by Chinese Triads and a rival group of a crooked business sect.

Unaware that he is the subject of pursuit by both groups seeking the box, he and his girlfriend continue with their lives as normal. It’s only when unsavoury events befall them that they realise their lives are in danger. Unable to simply hand the box over, due to being unable to prove it to the second party, they become embroiled in a chase that takes them to mainland Europe. Difficult situations abound as they run for their lives.

Why was possession of the box important to both parties?

About the Author

Born in London, Alan Clarke is a technical writer in the nuclear industry. He now lives in the Lake District.