Koala and Bunny: Instilling Protective Behaviours in Children By Al Smith

About the Book

Author Al Smith is an artist, musician, conservationist and humanitarian. His children’s book Koala and Bunny: Instilling Protective Behaviours in Children will become a significant milestone in the effort to protect our children against human predators.

Here’s what others are saying:

Koala and Bunny is straight to the point child protection.” – Derryn Hinch, www.hinch.net

Koala and Bunny is a valuable tool in teaching children protective behaviours.” – Leneen Forde, AC, Chancellor, Griffith University. Queensland, Australia www.en.wikipedia.org

“I’m sure in the hands of a caring parent this story will de-mystify our bodies and thus mitigate some of the abuse.” – Alan O’Day, Musician/Songwriter, www.alanoday.com

Koala and Bunny is a simple, non-confronting way of communicating a message to children to respect their own and other people’s bodies.” – Dr. Deidre Michell, Dr. Dee’s blogspot

Koala and Bunny is a great way of touching on and dealing with the delicate and sensitive issue of prevention of sexual abuse, while also bringing a message of health and hygiene.” – Tiga Bayles, General Manager 98.9fm, Brisbane Indigenous Media Association, www.989fm.com.au

“I purposely gave the Koala and Bunny book to my daughter and mother of two under 5 to help educate my grandchildren on this touchy subject! My daughter was and is very happy with its content and the way it is presented.” – Syl  Johns. Principal,  Kurbingui Sporting Association.

Koala and Bunny has received overwhelming approval, including commendations from or on behalf of:

Julia Gillard M.P. Prime Minister of Australia; Wayne Swan. M.P. Deputy Prime Minister of Australia; Jenny Macklin M.P. Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs; Kate Ellis M.P. Minister for Early Childhood Education, Child Care and Youth; Peter Garrett A.M. M.P. Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth; Anna Bligh M.P. Premier of Queensland; Geoff Wilson MP. Minister for Education and Training, Queensland; Dr. Chris Burns MLA Minister for Education and Training, Northern Territory of Australia; Jon Stanhope MLA Chief Minister, Australian Capital Territory; Clover Moore M.P. Lord Mayor of Sydney; and Campbell Newman, Lord Mayor of Brisbane.

Koala and Bunny has been appraised and accepted for the Australian Federal Governments Institute of Family Studies National Child Protection Clearinghouse Library, (which is a compilation of approved Child protection Material)
www.aifs.gov, http://library.aifs.gov

Koala and Bunny is available to Australian teachers through:

Schools Catalogue Information Systems (SCIS) database (SCIS No: 1465203) and the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (A.C.A.R.A.) Resource Library.

Koala and Bunny is available to Australian libraries through:

Queensland – Brisbane City Council Libraries and The State Library of Queensland; South Australia – Adelaide City Council Libraries and The State Library of South Australia; Tasmania – Tasmanian Government Public Libraries; New South Wales – Sydney City Council Libraries and The State Library of N.S.W.; Northern Territory – Darwin City Council Libraries; Victoria – State Library of Victoria; and Australian Capital Territory – The National Library of Australia.

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About the Author

Author Al Smith has exhibited his art in some of Brisbane, Australia’s finest galleries. He plays several musical instruments, has recorded CDs and has performed with Lobo, Keith Urban, and Ray Davies of The Kinks. He is an honourary member of the Blues Association of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Smith has been a conservationist for more than 30 years, and in his fight to save rainforests and establish a native tree seed bank (eventually established at Mt. Annan), the media called him “The Treeman.” He has also developed a mind management technique to help sufferers of schizophrenia.