The Villain Within by Akuo-Ehohnzi Clement

978-1-61897-965-0-AClementCoverThe Villain Within
is set in a Bakossi village in the equatorial dense forest of Cameroon. The novel begins during the colonial period and ends in the 1970s.

For forty years, Epi has been sitting on the Mbomuin traditional stool ceded to his family through a conspiracy by a German colonialist. However, the Nzi family has never stopped contesting it, claiming, “A family hitherto unknown from the genealogy of the village as a ruling one could not comfortably claim what had never been theirs and believe that everyone would favor them.”

In Nzi’s family, Henne, the senior son, is disenchanted because as leader his family prefers his younger brother, Sordeh. Epi maneuvers his family and secretly hands the stool to his son, Bwesoh. During this illegal move, Epi’s blind brother’s dog steals the warfare cap, the most precious remnant in the Mbomuin traditional realm.

When Epi suddenly dies, the village is in turmoil. Villagers lean toward Bwesoh as leader, but he can’t be installed without the warfare cap. Epi’s ghost appears to Bwesoh, pleading with him to return the stool. Who will take power?

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